Halal and Kosher Certificates



Many Spanish companies are opening the market thanks to the Halal and Kosher Certificates. This allows them to diversify their activity and stay in line with new consumption needs, as well as prepared and with a large potential market in the field of agri-food exports.

The Halal Certificate, for the fulfillment of the Muslim population, allows access to markets with that of Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, but also United States of America, United Arab Emirates, or France. The Halal concept also applies to certain sectors of tourism, cosmetics or finance.

The Kosher Certificate, which ensures the fulfillment of the requirements of the Jewish population, allows access to consumers who follow this religion and who are a large part of the population of France, the United States of America or Israel.

kosherBoth certifications are also highly valued by the population in general, as it ensures a series of controls related to food safety and quality. As an example, the case of shellfish, which is not a Kosher food, is a certificate very demanded by consumers allergic to crustaceans and molluscs.

In Soalma Calidad we offer you the implementation, certification and / or monitoring of your quality system according to Halal and Kosher Quality Standards.