External quality manager



At Soalma Calidad, we know that not all companies can afford to have a professional Quality and Food Safety from the beginning, so we offer the service of Outsourcing. Adapt to the characteristics of your company, with visits programmed according to your specific needs, so that they cover your needs both by requests from clients, as well as from the Sanitary Administration. Or by internal needs of the company. To get a quote, just write to info@soalmacalidad.com  or by WhatsApp to (+34) 680693766, and specify:

/Where are the facilities of your company located and what activity does it develop?

/How many times a month do you need face-to-face visits?

/What needs do you want covered?

With this information, we prepare a budget, so that values the opportunity to count on your specialized Department of Quality and Food Safety, at a price that is more than competitive.

In addition to face-to-face visits, you can have ongoing support through WhatsApp, e-mail or phone, the rest of the time.